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Amaranthine: Poems of Love

© 2019 by Katharine L. Sparrow

© 2012 by Katharine L. Sparrow

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Introducing my new novel in progress:

Green Among the Clovers

Green Among the Clovers.....

is a novel of historical fiction based on the life of my great-great-grandmother, Caroline Rae, and her two sons. It takes place in Victorian era Scotland between 1860 and 1887. Check out a sample chapter here!



Poems for Children

A future project is in the planning stages; a book of poetry for children! I am working on selecting and editing the poems to put together in a book. These can be seen on my children's poetry site, Sparrow's Garden, which is also the working title for the book.

My poems also appear in these anthologies:

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...... and Prism Poetry Anthology Series

numbers 2 through 36

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See published article on history of the poorhouse in America HERE (pg. 115)


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A Little Bit

About Me!

Katharine L. Sparrow


I Believe In Angels and Faeries.... don't you?

Read some of K.L. Sparrow's best poems>>>

I am a fan of the Boston Red Sox Baseball Team!!

Gooooo Sox!!!!

Favorite Player =

Mookie Betts

Second Favorite Player=

Andrew Benintendi

Fenway Park, Boston, MA

I have several collections.......

Elephant Figurines

Swan Figurines

Egg Cups

(I have about 30)

(I have about 25)

(I have over 1,200)

I Collect Hardcover Versions of "The Night Before Christmas"

(I have about 35)