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Introducing my new novel:

(in second draft stage)

Green Among the Clovers

Ancestry Angels: Book One

Green Among the Clovers.....

is a novel of historical fiction based on the life of my great-great-grandmother, Caroline Rae, and her two boys. It takes place in Victorian era Scotland between 1860 and 1887. Caroline, daughter of a poor miner, is sent to work in a thread mill at the age of thirteen. After bearing a child, the product of an assault by the mill's foreman, she finds herself destitute and without any means of support for herself and her son. Will she end up in the county poorhouse? Will she and the young man she meets escape a life of poverty and destitution? Check out a sample chapter here!

And Announcing My Next Novel

(in outline stages):

Beside the Merciful Sea

Ancestry Angels: Book Two

— a story about my great x8 grandparents

who emigrated from England to escape religious persecution

to face hardships and discover joys through their adventures

in the New World.

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My poetry books:

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Amaranthine: Poems of Love

© 2019 by Katharine L. Sparrow

Apart From Worldly Things: Poems Apart

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© 2012 by Katharine L. Sparrow

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Poems for Children

A future project is in the planning stages— a book of poetry for children! I am working on selecting and editing the poems to put together in a book. You can see some of them on my website here. The working title for the book is "Sparrow's Garden".

My poems also appear in these anthologies:

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(contains a short story of mine)

...... and in the "Prism" Poetry Anthology Series

Ron Wiseman, editor


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(which include poems of mine)

See published article on history of the poorhouse in America HERE (pg. 115)


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A Little Bit

About Me!

Katharine L. Sparrow


I Believe In Angels and Faeries.... don't you?

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I am a fan of the Boston Red Sox Baseball Team!!

Gooooo Sox!!!!

Favorite Player =

Mookie Betts

Second Favorite Player=

Andrew Benintendi

Fenway Park, Boston, MA

I have several collections.......

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I Collect Hardcover Versions of "The Night Before Christmas"

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